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Install Townsquare

This document is a work in progress.

You must be familiar with installing Drupal and have git, Drush, and Drush make installed.

git clone townsquare
drush make --prepare-install townsquare/build-townsquare.make /var/www/townsquare

Install Drupal (add links to appropriate resources, screenshot of profile selection)

Install FreeGeek roles and development modules

The FreeGeek-specific roles module provides a stock set of organizational roles (volunteer, volunteer manager, staff). The roles module is optional but highly recommended for your first go-'round. If you want it, run:

drush -y en freegeek_townsquare_roles

You'll always want devel, and you should enable LESS CSS development mode (but turn it off in production!):

drush -y en devel devel_generate
drush -y vset less_devel 1

Create users

If you enabled the FreeGeek roles module, create some special users for testing and 150 fake volunteers.

drush -y user-create "staff" --password="staff"
drush -y user-add-role "staff" "staff"
drush -y user-create "volunteer_manager" --password="volunteer_manager"
drush -y user-add-role "volunteer manager" "volunteer_manager"
drush -y user-create "volunteer" --password="volunteer"
drush -y user-add-role "volunteer" "volunteer"
drush -y generate-users 150 --roles=5

Otherwise, just create 150 fake users.

drush -y generate-users 150

Running a demo site

  • Install demo module
  • Delete or omit staff account
  • Disable user admin privilege on volunteer manager account
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