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This document is a work in progress.

Townsquare is built around events, which are attended by volunteers. A session is a record of volunteer attendance or participation in an event.

Townsquare assumes you collect participation information with a sign-in sheet or have a person managing check-in. Using the default roles, only "volunteer manager" and "staff" roles may create events or track participation.

Create an event

First, create an event by clicking the "+" icon in the top navigation bar:

Click plus icon

Create an event: What kind of event, when it started and ended, where it happened, and any notes about the proceedings:

Create event

Click "save". Now you're ready to start tracking participation.

Creating sessions

Start typing a user name:

User search

Set hours and the role played by the volunteer:

Set hours

To override the duration calculated from reported hours, click the override duration button:

Override duration

Searching for volunteers

Click the "volunteers" button and type all or part of a name: This should also work decently from smartphones.

Volunteer search

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